[lugm.org] Corsair Hackers Reboot // Meetup : 8 Feb 2014

Ish Sookun ish at hacklog.in
Sun Feb 9 10:14:00 CET 2014

Hello folks,

Following our meeting and discussion at Fortune Way, yesterday (8 Feb
2014), here is an updated list of tasks :

1. Fortune Way Sponsorship by Mr. Kailash Madhub, need to confirm terms &
conditions. We agreed Nadim to be our representative, since he's an
2. Corsair Hackers Reboot will be a collaboration between LUGM, UoM
Computer Club and Fortune Way, rather than just a LUGM event.
3. Press release (currently assigned to Avinash Meetoo). Fortune Way
apparently will be advertising the event on their end, we don't have any
confirmation however. Nadim will update us later.
4. Description of Corsair Hackers Reboot - (Pending), we proposed the event
being a mix of Installfest, Hacking challenge, Linux discovery etc.
5. Hacking Challenge (Logan)
6. Kids Corner (Ajay, Kishan, Shamsher)
7. Welcome Booth at the entrance. People bring their PC/Notebook for Linux
install will be given a LUGM visiting card with their turn number at the
back of the card. The welcome booth will also be responsible to provide
information about the event and guide people around the several other
desks. - Pending
8. Technical Desk, responsible for initial diagnostic of PC/Notebooks. Run
a Live linux distro to check hardware compatibility. No installation should
be entertained without proper verification of hardware compatibilities.
9. Installation Desk, this is where Linux & FOSS installs will happen.
PC/Notebooks having hardware incompatibilities will be given a Linux VM.
Notebook owners will be asked to sign a disclaimer pertaining to data loss.
However, a full system backup will be done prior to any installation.
10. Live Demo, demos of several distributions and applications. E.g, Cash
Flow management applications, Inventory, Graphic Design etc. This desk will
be responsible to show FOSS alternatives to attendees.
11. Raspberry Pi demo - Pending (We proposed Nayar could handle. Need
12. EMTEL sponsorship - Ajay will confirm
13. HTTP Server with Software Repository - Ish
14. Crowd control - Nadim will confirm availability of security from
Fortune Way
15. A3 Poster Printing - Ish
16. Power outlets seem to be enough
17. Availability of tables - To be confirmed by Nadim

The following materials will be made available :

Ronny - 2 laptops
Ajay - 1 laptop, 2 PCs, 2 Power extenders, 1 24-ports Switch
Ish - 2 laptops, 1 VPS (for hacking/web programming demos), 1 power
extender, 1 Tera drive for ISO repository
Adithya Beeharry - 2 Power extenders
Ashley Babajee - 1 Tera drive for backups, 1 24-ports Switch
Indra Cybercafé - 4 PCs for LAN Gaming (Steam sponsorship to be confirmed
by Ish), Internet Vouchers, Pendrives at cost price for Hacking challenge

Kids Corner // Face Painting, LUGM buys colors, paper and crayons. Ish will
confirm availability of people for face painting.

Meetup was attended by Ronny Reddi, Ashley Babajee, Ajay Ramjatan, Kaleem
Rossenally, Adithya Beeharry, Nadim Attari, Logan Velvindron and Ish Sookun.

If you find any task you wish to help with, feel free to share a few words.

Ish Sookun

- Geek by birth ... Linux by choice.
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